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Exoplanet Advanced Program

Analyze exoplanet data from start to finish


Your student or students get to choose from our already imaged uncalibrated exoplanet data. They then analyze the data to create an exoplanet transit plot. Students are also encouraged to come up with their own research questions and use the data in extended analysis. 

We provide you will all the resources you will need to introduce the topic of exoplanets to your students, and guide them through the analysis and graphing of an exoplanet transit.

This program is an intensive program, and is aimed at students completing independent studies, Extended Essays, end-of-year projects or science fair projects. The program is also available to clubs and advanced classes with students working in small groups.


  • Engage in independent research similar to that at a university level
  • Develop critical thinking, self-management and research skills
  • Participate in and engage with the scientific process
  • Develop communication skills with the opportunity to be published
  • Option to explore interdisciplinary ties, including chemistry, art and math
  • Find curriculum connections specific to your provincial curriculum here!

Resource List

  • Introducing Exoplanets Presentation Slides
  • Project Introduction Presentation Slides
  • Teacher Package:
    • Sample Class Schedule
    • Walkthrough of each project stage
    • Presentation Notes
    • Resource Links & More
  • Student Package:
    • Written & Video Tutorials 
    • Fillable PDF Lab Report
    • Pre-calibrated Exoplanet Data 
    • Software Download Links & More